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The SC App will include everything telegram had to offer with a twist of a traders dashboard. Featuring breaking news live feed as well as hand pick alerts! Reserve your seat to test out the beta for free below!

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Love the alerts I stay making money off of them had a great week last week because they catch everything early n I'm able to jump in to catch the up flow.

Kenya Mims

Aug. 9, 2020
SC Alerts

I'm so happy I signed up with these guys They teach you answer all questions and the most important you make $$

Tam Khal

Aug. 8, 2020
SC Alerts

When I first seen the advertisement for SCAlerts I was not sure exactly what I was getting myself into. But I thought I would give it a one-month trial. That was over the weekend and now I am 100% positive that I am upgrading to the one year membership. Everyone in the community is very much willing to help by sharing their own experiences and giving advice to help each other become better Traders. I highly recommend this organization to anyone that wants to learn and make money.

Mickey Ervin

Aug. 26, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Our newsfeed is powered by the best in the world. Benzinga Newswire powers our news alerts and our stock and options alerts are based off real-time news and price action.

You can carry an active subscription through your PayPal Account or through the Android play store as well as the Apple store.

We make it very easy to manage your account you can either do it through your App store/PayPal account or through our application in your account settings it will give you instructions to cancel at any given time.

We tend to go live often where we let our members voice their thoughts and questions while we take them. We like to think of everyone here as a team. We are all working to find hot movers and then capitalize off them. Having a great support system of traders will help anyone's trading level!

The answer is yes! We will be integrating a trading platform with out charts and platform so traders who use this tool can buy and sell options and stocks right off our platform, slimming the chances of missing a mover immensely!

Yes it will be! We will not limit traders on when they can do research and collaborate with other traders. Not everyone is on the same schedule so we will allow everyone to talk whenever they want!

You will have the ability to mute the chat while you sleep through the night preparing for another trading day! Allowing late night traders the access to do research and converse with other traders on late night news!

Yes, our newsfeed and data will still be feeding information even after trading is done completely. Keeping you informed on the latest and hottest news.

We want to bring an affordable trading product to traders like us. Having the tools to trade is the biggest part of trading. We will be introducing more tools for traders in the future. Everyone who has a username with us will be able to go in and request changes or updates to the application and they will all be reviewed and considered as we are traders working for traders, we will always do whats in the best interest of our traders and active users!

Yes, There are rules. Everyone has the right to voice and idea. No one in this community should feel scared to converse with each other. We will terminate anyones privalige to use the chat if they are caught putting another member down for any reason! There will be 0 tolerance when it comes to insulting members based off of any personal reason. We are all family here. Please feel free to report anyone who is violating these simple rules.

We usually only give about 2-5 alerts a day. The way to win isn't to overtrade we encourage traders to be done for the day before 12pm (EST). Why? Because its not about how many trades you make it's about how well you played your hand on any given play. This isn't a casino we take high odds plays. The admins in the Alert channel do share what specific play they make as they make it so everyone can follow along and know why we bought what we bought for what price and where we set out stop loss as well as taking profits or cutting the loss.

Why is doge going up

Why is doge going up?

By SC Alerts | October 14, 2021

Doge coin rose 6.14% over the last 24 hours of…