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SC Alerts App will launch the free beta this October!

The SC App will include everything telegram had to offer with a twist of a traders dashboard. Featuring breaking news live feed as well as hand pick alerts! Reserve your seat to test out the beta for free below!

All you have to do is sign up using your email and when the app is ready to be downloaded you will receive the link to be the first few to download!

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SC Alerts

Love the alerts I stay making money off of them had a great week last week because they catch everything early n I'm able to jump in to catch the up flow.

Kenya Mims

Aug. 9, 2020
SC Alerts

I'm so happy I signed up with these guys They teach you answer all questions and the most important you make $$

Tam Khal

Aug. 8, 2020
SC Alerts

When I first seen the advertisement for SCAlerts I was not sure exactly what I was getting myself into. But I thought I would give it a one-month trial. That was over the weekend and now I am 100% positive that I am upgrading to the one year membership. Everyone in the community is very much willing to help by sharing their own experiences and giving advice to help each other become better Traders. I highly recommend this organization to anyone that wants to learn and make money.

Mickey Ervin

Aug. 26, 2020